iRemember weekly- 1 Cap and 7 Compartments/ Dividers

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  • Sort Medications, Vitamins or Supplements into Compartments.
  • Set Repeating Timer on Cap (24 hours, 12 hours or 6 hours).
  • Use Status Button on Cap to avoid underdose or overdose. i.e “Last opened 2 hours ago.” Phone not required.
  • Remembers location, if paired with APP
  • USB Recharge in 3 hours, Last a Week.

The iRemember is a smart pill organizer as it will remind you when it is time to take your medications and it keeps track of when you last opened your weekly pill holder. Too many times one is not sure if they took their daily pills, this pill organizer will remember when you last opened it. Press the status button on top of the cap and the iRemember will flash green while stating, in a female voice, when the pill holder was last opened. This is a great help in confirming when pills were last taken. The iRemember weekly Talking Pill Organizer is Bluetooth enabled and can be set up to send notifications to an iOS (10.0 or later) or android (4.3 and up) smartphone for location, activity history and battery level. A smartphone is not required for operation of this iRemember talking pill organizer and reminder system. USB port, for charging the iRemember, is located under a small door on the side of the lid.

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