Our Story 

After forgetting pills and realizing the need for a better way, I was driven to make iRemember, a smart pill organizer for my family and yours.  Moore G. founder

We layer communication technology between user and pills with timely relevant information, thus enabling informed health decisions. iRemember is a portable, rechargeable device (app not required) which is beautiful, simple, and fits into existing behaviors of organizing and taking medicines. Optional phone App enables geofencing, last opened and battery level.

The pattern in healthcare is usually; the more effective, the more expensive. We work hard to challenge this concept, by tasking iRemember to be effective in managing medicines. While being affordable, safe and deliver engaging user experiences. iRemember is unique by providing simple, clear information when most relevant, pill time, to deliver actionable voice quality messages (i.e. “last opened 2 hours ago”), without requiring a phone. 

Our mission is to enable healthy behaviors by creating empowering solutions which are affordable and accessible. We believe that for health matters, focus on the right way, not just right away. This approach takes patience and a long view to see social challenges as unique opportunities. Join us!

7 Days

iRemember is a smart seven-day pill organizer that that works with or without your phone so you and your loved ones never forget what’s important. iRemember automatically tracks doses and sends reminders to your phone, as well as to your loved ones. Whether it’s prescribed medication, vitamins,or health supplements or even for things important to your pet’s health, you’ll always be in the know.

Portable and Easy

A convenient feature about iRemember is the fact you can take it with you accross time zones when traveling  and continue to receive scheduled reminders. The cap acts as a digital hour glass for repeating timer intervals (24, 12, 6 hours). Since, if timer set to 24 hours, follows your time and not based on location. With the easy push button top it will tell you the last time it was opened, this helps prevents accidental overdose or underdose.

Voice Quality Audio

It was important for us to include a voice quality speaker to deliver clear simple instructions in any language. Studies have shown people respond better to reminders that mimic the human voice then “beeps and sounds.” this was important to us because we don’t want you to forget. iRemember is easily programmable, a human voice will tell you when was last opened, whent to take meds. This voice also makes it easier for programming and responding to alerts. It simply design make your life easier.

No Replacing Batteries

Batteries aren’t cheap. Shopping for batteries is inconvenient not to mention the difficulty in replacing them – What size are they? Where do I get them? How much do they cost? – these are all thing people do not want to deal with – and they shouldn’t have to!. We took this into consideration in our design. We’re the only organizer on the market with an easy rechargeable battery, is that simple. Just plug it in with your USB cable and you’re all done.

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

How many time have you gotten on the road and realized you’d left it home? This happens all too often! iRemember is smart! It will not let you leave home without it! If your phone and iRemember are separated, a message will be sent to your phone (app required*) informing you to go back and get it.  * – Google Play pending IOS

Opening and Closing

Open / close restarts timer, set it and forget it. Open/ close activity stored in cap Status button – speaks “Last opened 2 hours ago” with green or red lights. If paired with App, Activity Log shows real time use Pocket size for daily meds if few compartments connected

Engaging Design

We focused on a design which is elegant and discreet. Health is not just at home, it follows us wherever we go. iRemember, designed not to appear like a typical pill organizer, looks great at home our when you’re out and about.

Simple as Green and Red

What if we had traffic lights on our pills? Could the universal green, yellow and red signals keeping vehicle traffic safely flowing, be applied to communicate when to start, caution and stop taking the medicines. Many more people are harmed by misuse of medicines than by car accidents. We frequently see the evidence of car wrecks, yet rarely exposed the larger impact by medication mistakes. We want a system which could quickly, clearly and universally communicate it’s status, with actionable feedback.   


Quality, design, reliability, longevity

Limited income families, retirees,

BPA Free

So what – Made from BPA FREE high quality food grade silicone and polypropylene

Unlike Any Other

Ours is the only …. Battery, voice, simple, light, phone optional…,