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I bought this because I was having a hard time taking my thyroid pill in the morning. For 31 years I have struggled after my thyroid was removed. This has helped me so much that my thyroid levels are stable for the first time. I’ve gone through setting alarms on my phone(just turn it off and still forget.) With this you have to open it to shut off the alarm!!! This has been the best investment in my health!! Just remember to charge it. 🤣🤣

Great for vitamins!

Great tool to help me remember my vitamins in the morning. Before this product I would take my vitamins/allergy pills maybe 4 times per week. Now it’s a rare occurrence when I forget. I leave on the counter in the kitchen to quickly take my pills before heading to work. The container is pretty sturdy too. I’ve dropped it a few times and still works like a champ.

User friendly game changer!

For 36 years I’ve been a healthcare provider in many areas which include prescribing medications. This device is a game changer! Instead of hearing my patients say “ I didn’t finish my prescription because I forgot” , I will hear “yes! I took them all and on time!” It can be used as a reminder with a gentle popping sounding sound as I do, or on its own. This is a brilliant example of empowering people while improving the system of home medication!





Avoid overdosing or underdosing

Customize the trays with labels for AM, PM, morning, evening, night or a day.



In less than 1 minute



We make it easier to take control of your health with a USB rechargeable battery

Travel Ready Design

Always Know Where It Is (App)

Real-time Activity (App)

Health for your Family

With a simple and friendly design, iRemember benefits your kids, parents and partner whether at home, school or work. Empower them with tools and skills to safely manage pills.


Do I need a mobile phone to use iRemember?

Nope, iRemember will work by itself for reminders to take pills and when last opened. For additional features, pair with mobile phone app.

Does iRemember work with multiple medicines?
Yes, multiple pills and multiple doses can be organized with iRemember.
May I use liquids with iRemember?

Yeah, for liquids in a separate sealed container, such as eye drops.

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