iRemember is a smart seven-day pill organizer that works with or without your phone so you and your loved ones never forget what’s important.


People love iRemember

Camron H – Verified Purchase

“For 31 years I have struggled after my thyroid was removed. This has helped me so much that my thyroid levels are stable for the first time…
…This has been the best investment in my health!!”

Camron H – Verified Purchase

Did I take my pills?

Last-opened Tracking

Avoid Overdosing or Underdosing through Visual and Audio Notification of “Last Opened”


Personalize, Interchangeable Compartments

Simple Setup, easy to recharge

Ready to Use in Less Than 1 Minute
Battery-Free, Simple USB Charging

With a 1 minute setup and a USB charge, iRemember will:

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    App Optional

    Link to your smart phone for expanded functions

    iRemember and Medical Professionals: A Comprehensive Solution

    Medication nonadherence costs the health care system billions annually and results in hundreds of thousands of deaths per year. iRemember can be recommended to patients to improve adherence and prevent under or overdosing, helping to alleviate both problems.

    Personalize iRemember
    to fit your routine

    iRemember can flex to your individual needs. Whether you are keeping track of daily supplements or managing multiple medications the system adapts to you.

    Flexibility built in

    Manage single or
    multiple doses

    Sort Medications,
    Vitamins or

    Manage your week

    doses move to
    the bottom and
    track your next